Not Great, Pod! S7E04 – The Monolith


This week the lovely and delightful Anne T. Donahue, writer person for The Guardian, Lifetime UK and a ton of other publications joins us. Together we discuss Roger and Marigold, Lou Avery’s management style, Don’s guardian angel and why Anne might be falling out of love with the show this season. We also get to some listener feedback and pray for the return of Bob Benson.


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0:00 – Intro

1:35 – Listener Feedback

5:00 – Margaret Marigold May Marlene

11:15 – Roger/Don Parallels

14:30 – Pete and the Elusive Bob Benson

17:10 – The Weekly Lou Check-Up

21:10 – Peggy the Boss!

24:45 – The Computer…

27:45 – Don’s Relapse

39:05 – Mad Men is Losing Anne

49:50 – Outro


“Don Draper & Bill W.: Mad Men’s Open Secret” by Kelsey Miller


2 thoughts on “Not Great, Pod! S7E04 – The Monolith

  1. From Aubrey from Sacramento;
    Please discuss the item on the daily beast, All the Signs That Don Draper Will Die on ‘Mad Men’. Will Don die? I am enjoying this podcast, thanks. Hells bells Trudy, that’s final!

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