NGP! Bonus Ep. 5 – Mad Men Season 3, Part 2


Corey is off this month, but the podcast carries on with The Great Mad Men Re-watch. In this episode Sarah welcomes back to the show Submission Editor for cléo and writer for Movie Mezzanine, Mallory Andrews. The topic? Everything related to the incredible back half of Season 3, including the dissolution of Don and Betty’s marriage, the assassination of JFK, and the exciting formation of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. All that and more!

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0:00 – Intro

1:00 – Approaching Season 3

4:00 – ‘The Grown Ups’

12:00 – The Marriage Ends

38:00 – ‘Shut the Door. Have a Seat.’

41:00 – Don Peggy

50:00 – Bringing Joan Back, but Not Sal :(

57:00 – Roger and the Women

59:30 – Peggy and Duck, Gross

1:04:00 – Outro

NGP! Bonus Ep. 4 – Mad Men Season 3, Part 1


This month on Not Great, Pod! we cover the first six episodes of Mad Men Season 3, delving into everything from Betty and Sally’s relationship, to Sal, the show’s approach to dream sequences, and even a little marijuana.

Kevin has left the podcast as we’ve mutually decided to part ways, but joining Corey and Sarah this month to talk about the show is excellent freelance writer for Esquire, The New Yorker and Playboy, Calum Marsh.

(Also, apologies for the audio issues on Corey’s end.)

To see the (tentative) schedule for the upcoming Mad Men re-watch bonus episodes, go here.

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0:00 – Intro

2:35 – Getting to Know the Guest

8:00 – Flashbacks and Reality in Mad Men

26:00 – Don Catches Sal

42:00 – The Kentucky Derby Party

53:00 – Cannabis Party!

58:15 – Grandpa Gene

1:07:30 – Sally’s Teacher

1:14:00 – London

1:18:00 – Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency

1:29:00 – Outro

NGP! Bonus Ep. 3 – Mad Men Season 2, Part 2


Not Great, Pod! is back with another re-watch bonus episode. In this show, your hosts, Corey Atad, Kevin Ketchum and Sarah Carlson, cover the final three episodes of Mad Men Season 2. There’s the first every instance of LA Pete. We get a proper meeting with Anna Draper. Duck tries to get one over on Don. And Peggy confesses. Lots to talk about, so we hope you enjoy.

To see the (tentative) schedule for the upcoming Mad Men re-watch bonus episodes, go here.

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0:00 – Intro
1:30 – Betty Finds Out
7:45 – Freddy Rumsen
17:30 – Listen Email
30:00 – “The Jet Set”
44:30 – “The Mountain King”
1:01:00 – “Meditations in an Emergency”
1:30:30 – Outro

NGP! Bonus Ep. 2 – Mad Men Season 2, Part 1


The Mad Men re-watch continues with Part 1 of Season 2. In this episode we look at the first five episodes of the season, with a particular focus on the episodes “For Those Who Think Young,” “Flight 1,” and “The New Girl.” Kevin unfortunately was unable to join us this month, but luckily we did have a wonderful guest, Ariel Fisher, who writes for Row Three and Rue Morgue.

To see the (tentative) schedule for the upcoming Mad Men re-watch bonus episodes, go here.

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0:00 – Intro

1:10 – Getting to Know Our Guest

4:00 – “For Those Who Think Young”

7:00 – Peggy’s Mentor

15:30 – The New Youth

34:00 – “Flight 1”

36:45 – Peggy’s Child

47:00 – Pete’s Loss

56:30 – Don’s Infidelity

1:11:00 – “The New Girl”

1:20:00 – Having Both Worlds

1:25:00 – The Fertility Doctor

1:33:30 – Outro

NGP! Bonus Ep. 1 – Mad Men Season 1


Welcome to the first in our series of ten bonus episodes, covering the entire run of Mad Men from Season 1 to Season 6. In this episode we take a look at the whole of Season 1, and focus in on the episodes “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,” “5G,” and “The Wheel.” To help us out, we are joined by Editor-at-Large for Little White Lies, writer for The Dissolve and co-host of Fighting in the War Room, David Ehrlich.

To see the (tentative) schedule for the upcoming Mad Men re-watch bonus episodes, go here.

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0:00 – Intro

2:15 – “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”

34:00 – “5G”

1:06:00 – “The Wheel”

1:25:00 – Season 1 Wrap-Up

1:38:00 – Outro


Be sure to listen to David Ehrlich’s podcast, Fighting in the War Room.

The Monthly Bonus Episodes Plan


Hello one and all! Later this month we’ll be posting the first in our ten-episode monthly series of bonus episodes looking back at the entire run of Mad Men. That episode will be going up on Tuesday, June 24th. It will cover the entirety of Season 1, but with a specific focus on three episodes: “Smokes Gets in Your Eyes,” “5G,” and “The Wheel.” That means if you’d like you can re-watch the whole of Season 1, or just those three episodes in order to follow along.

New episodes of the monthly podcast will be posted the last Tuesday of each month. Below is a tentative schedule for the ten podcasts planned, with each of the Mad Men episodes we plan to cover. Please keep in mind that this is tentative, meaning things could change. In fact, if there are any episodes you think we’re missing and must cover, please do let us know, and we might add them.

June 24th – Season 1

E1. “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”

E5. “5G”

E13. “The Wheel”

July 29th – Season 2, Part 1

E1. “For Those Who Think Young”

E2. “Flight 1”

E5. “The New Girl”

August 26th – Season 2, Part 2

E11. “The Jet Set”

E12. “The Mountain King”

E13. “Meditations in an Emergency”

September 30th – Season 3, Part 1

E1. “Out of Town”

E6. “Guy Walks into an Advertising Agency”

October 28th – Season 3, Part 2

E12. “The Grown Ups”

E13. “Shut the Door. Have a Seat.”

November 25th – Season 4, Part 1

E3. “The Good News”

E6. “Waldorf Stories”

December 30th – Season 4, Part 2

E7. “The Suitcase”

E13. “Tomorrowland”

January 27th – Season 5

E1-2. “A Little Kiss”

E11.“The Other Woman”

E12. “Commissions and Fees”

February 24th – Season 6, Part 1

E1-2. “The Doorway”

E6. “For Immediate Release”

March 31st – Season 6, Part 2

E11. “Favors”

E12. “The Quality of Mercy”

E13. “In Care Of”

Not Great, Pod! S7E07 – Waterloo


It’s “mid”-season finale time for Mad Men. Those seven episodes came and went too quick. But here we are to discuss the extraordinary finale, “Waterloo.” For our guest, we invited on the publisher of, Dustin Rowles. The episode went long because there was so much to cover, from Sally and the Nerd, to Bert Cooper’s passing, to Peggy’s pitch and Don’s growth as a human being. We also got Dustin to share his (often insane) predictions for where the show might be headed in its final seven episodes in 2015.

Also, there’s an announcement in the show about monthly casts we will be doing between seasons, going through the run of Mad Men from the beginning, chronologically covering crucial episodes that have led us to where we are today. We are starting with a show on June 24th, covering three episodes from way back in Season 1 of Mad Men. If you’d like to follow along, the episodes we’ll be discussing are: Episode 1 “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,” Episode 5 “5G” and Episode 13 “The Wheel”

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0:00 – Intro

2:50 – Weekly Lou Check-In

4:45 – Depressed Ted

6:45 – Sally and the Nerd

13:25 – Goodbye, Megan

21:00 – The McCann Buyout

26:30 – Joan’s Don Resentment

37:45 – Bert’s Death

41:00 – Don’s Growth and Peggy’s Pitch

48:45 – The Best Things in Life Are Free

1:01:25 – Hungry for Connection

1:05:40 – Meredith!

1:08:10 – Dustin’s Predictions

1:34:40 – An Important Show Announcement

1:37:20 – Outro


“Mad Men’s Big Lie,” by Katey Rich at Vanity Fair

Not Great, Pod! S7E06 – The Strategy

Mad Men Don Peggy Dance

This week we’re joined by Kristen Sales of Sales on Film and Movie Mezzanine to talk about Season 7, Episode 6, “The Strategy.” It’s safe to say this episode made us cry into our wine glasses. We also talk the return of our hero, Bob Benson, get into the Pete situation, wonder whether this is the end for Megan and Don, and even find some time to complain about Harry Crane.

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0:00 – Intro

1:37 – The Prodigal Bob Returns!

12:00 – The Pete Situation

17:40 – Megan in NY

25:10 – Peggy and Don

42:15 – Do We Have to Talk About Harry Crane?

45:40 – Odds and Ends

52:30 – Outro


“Closing the Curtain” by Dustin Rowles

Not Great, Pod! S7E05 – The Runaways

Mad Men IBM Soon

This week on the show, we’re joined by Cléo Journal Submissions Editor Mallory Andrews to talk Season 7, Episode 5, “The Runaways.” Pregnant women, Sharon Tate, threesomes, Lou Avery, nipples! We cover all the important subjects, plus imagine a new agency called Olson & Whitman.

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0:00 – Intro

1:30 – This Week in Lou

5:50 – The Betty Francis Household

13:50 – Don vs. Megan vs. Stephanie

23:10 – Weiner is Trolling Us

25:50 – Zoubi Zoubi Threesome!

34:18 – The Commander Meeting

41:00 – Poor, Poor, Ginsberg

53:10 – Crackpot Theory: Bad Accounts

1:03:37 – Outro


Evidence of Ginsberg’s Madness, by Dustin Rowles

The Account that Might Bring Down SC&P, by Joanna Robinson

Not Great, Pod! S7E04 – The Monolith


This week the lovely and delightful Anne T. Donahue, writer person for The Guardian, Lifetime UK and a ton of other publications joins us. Together we discuss Roger and Marigold, Lou Avery’s management style, Don’s guardian angel and why Anne might be falling out of love with the show this season. We also get to some listener feedback and pray for the return of Bob Benson.


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0:00 – Intro

1:35 – Listener Feedback

5:00 – Margaret Marigold May Marlene

11:15 – Roger/Don Parallels

14:30 – Pete and the Elusive Bob Benson

17:10 – The Weekly Lou Check-Up

21:10 – Peggy the Boss!

24:45 – The Computer…

27:45 – Don’s Relapse

39:05 – Mad Men is Losing Anne

49:50 – Outro


“Don Draper & Bill W.: Mad Men’s Open Secret” by Kelsey Miller